'All commissions created are 'Haut de Gamme"

‘Haut de Gamme’ commissions are available on demand. Please see past examples under 'ARTWORK' for an insight to the varying styles and mediums used depending on the subject.

Every commission is individually thought through with care and imagination using ideas taken from a brief and the upmost creativity to ensure the client’s expectations. There are no limits to the quantity and size of the commissions given to Haut de Gamme as past projects have included; individuals, offices, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.

Depending on the subject, size and materials used each commissions’ costs can vary but most shown on this website are between £2,000 and £15,000. If you have any interest in commissioning any form of art and would like to discuss it further then please do get in contact.


Multi-Disciplined Commissions

The Monaco Classic Grand Prix Art Deco Painting. 2015. Commissioned by a well-known historic racing driver who owns the car which is about to be painted (shown drawn here) and is also close friends of the owner of the red car which is partially painted. The brief was to take two images of the cars from the client and paint them racing head-to-head in a classic scene from Monaco. The date at the bottom of the painting was to be the date of the client's actual race in Monaco in May 2012. The client was insistent he be painted in the lead!

What the client found out once having taken delivery of the framed commission was a little gesture from the artist in the form of the client's name used to label the Bar's awning in the background.

Alex thrives on the challenges given to him when it comes to commissions. As shown here the style of painting couldn't be more different and yet without error Alex produces these Art Deco Paintings to meticulous detail and flare. He likes to use Multi-disciplined techniques as he believes no artist should be constrained to one specific style of Art, an Artist must be free to create.

"The Mammoth Mexico Commission"

X4 Monaco, Cannes, St.Tropez. Commissions 2017. 150 x 100 x 5 cm. Mixed media on canvas with gold leaf and glitter.

Commissioned in January 2017, the client contacted Haut de Gamme through this website from Monterrey, Mexico. After following Alex Hall's work and style evolve the client decided he had just the idea for Alex to execute for him and three other friends, Known as the G.S.M. The instructions were clear, base the style, subject and colours on a previous painting and paint four paintings to look as similar as possible whilst individually being unique in their own way.

The labels are the colours of the French Flag because annually the client and his friends take a road trip from Monaco to St. Tropez stopping in-between at Cannes. Hence why on each of the labels it states Monaco, Cannes, St. Tropez. So the colours and the destinations on the labels were the constant on all four paintings but everything else was slightly different depending on the individual. For example the 1/4 painting shown here has the dates, nickname and initials personal to him while the other paintings have their own personal inputs.

Alex thoroughly enjoys painting commissions in his style and in his most iconic subject matter but even more so when it's for such a personal reason and memories. Out of all his commissions Mexico is one of the furthest places the instructions have come from.

Once complete the four paintings were packaged and crated to be shipped to Mexico.

Pheasant Commission

When a client came to Haut de Gamme in February 2017 she wanted to view one specific painting in the showroom. Instead she bought one painting (of an elephant) and also fell in love with a Pheasant painting which was on show. Unfortunately the Pheasant for sale was just the wrong size and would not fit the space in mind so she came back and asked if Alex could paint a similar Pheasant, but smaller..

As the brief wasn't to replicate the previous pheasant Alex was more than happy to do another one. He decided to make the background darker (shown here in gradients of grey) to make the colours and materials 'pop-out' at the viewer. He really wanted the Client to have the effect of changing colour when viewing their commission of a Pheasant. So by using multiple materials the Pheasant Commission slightly changes colour when viewed from different angles just like a Pheasant.

Here is a finished commission from 2014 of a Client's spaniel with a pheasant. The brief was to take an image of their spaniel and then add a pheasant into her mouth to portray the passion for shooting. It had to be finished, framed and delivered in time for Christmas. This commission took 2 weeks and used Oil, acrylic, watercolour, glitter and gold leaf on linen. 100cm x 100cm.